Bringing Europeans Together Association

BETA is a politically independent and non-profit association founded in Germany in 2008. Our name stands for Bringing Europeans Together Association because this is our mission: to strengthen the European society by encouraging democratic processes and consciousness about the plurality of European identities, both on national and international level.

The expression of our goal is to actively support such political simulations as the Model European Union (MEU), events which allow young people to engage in politics, discovering the founding principles behind Europe through a first hand experience of the democratic process.

Starting from nine members, BETA has now grown to more than 500 members in 2017, involving more than 1500 youth of 33 nationalities and supporting over 20 events worldwide.

BETA is the growing managerial infrastructure behind MEU events driven by the maximum professionalism of its members to promote learning, supporting and inspiring young European generations, in the respect of the diversities and under the sign of tolerance and inclusivity.

Name Description
Organisation Name Bringing Europeans Together Association
Twitter @BETA_Europe
Location Belgium, Brussels