Privacy Policy

Information collected in Membership Applications are collected to support and inform our members about the activities of the Association and to enact their rights as explicated in the statutes. Since members of BETA Netherlands are also members of BETA Europe a.i.s.b.l. the data collected can also be shared with this association.

Information collected from volunteers in projects is collected to support these volunteers in their tasks and to facilitate communication between them. This data will be kept for at most 3 years after the project ends.

Information collected from participants in events is collected to support them in the preparation of the event and is used for communication during said events and for processing payments and related financial administration. This data will be kept for at most 3 years after the event ends.

Any photographs or video footage made during our events may be used for promotional purposes.

Data might also be shared with third parties that provide us with our online web tools (G-suite) and financial administration. We will only share data with third parties we have a Data Protection Agreement with. Processing is done in a GDPR compliant way. Data will not be saved for longer than necessary to fullfill the goals the data is collected for. By filling in this form you accept the privacy policy described above.