About Us

Bringing Europeans Together Association Netherlands (BETA Netherlands) is a non-profit national youth association founded in November 2018 by a group of young, capable and ambitious individuals who had the ultimate goal of bringing Model European Union simulations to Netherlands, the one of the founding countries of the European Union. BETA Netherlands is also the official Dutch branch of the European federal association based in Brussels, Bringing Europeans Together Association Europe (BETA Europe).

Our Goals

The purpose of the association is to promote mutual understanding and cooperation between young Europeans and to contribute to the spreading of European ideas. It aims to achieve this goal by organising political simulations on local, regional and European level that mirror the functioning of the institutions of the EU end the legislative procedure of the EU for educational purposes. The association will organise events such as “Model European Union The Netherlands” to achieve it’s goal.

MEU Netherlands

The annual flagship project of BETA Netherlands is Model European Union The Netherlands (MEU The Netherlands) which premiered in July 2019. The project aims to promote knowledge of the decision-making process, representing the way new EU legislation comes to force while fostering mutual understanding and cooperation through debate and dialogue amidst youth within Netherlands and Europe.

Facts and contact information

Name: BETA Netherlands (Bringing Europeans Together Association). Also referred to as BETA NL. RSIN: 859345385

Post adress: BETA Netherlands; Arthur van Schendelplein 12; 2624CM Delft

Phone number: +31623738131

E-mail: c.kroes@beta-europe.org

Board members

Casper Kroes : President

Robert Stefan Goia: Penningmeester

Michiel Bots: Commissaris Extern

Elena Gladun: Commissaris evenementen

Reimbursement policy Our (board) members can only receive funds from the association as a reimbursement of costs made in executing tasks for the association that are in line with it’s purpose and goals. No other funds can be distributed to any members. BETA NL is a non-profit association.