Frequently Asked Questions MEU Netherlands

What is an MEU?

An MEU is a simulation of the European Union, simulating both the Council and the European Parliament, and the dynamic between them. Participants take part in the role of Member of the European Parliament, Minister, Lobbyist or Journalist. Through these roles you’ll get to experience European Politics in practice and learn a lot about it. An MEU is also a great oppurtunity to meet people from all over europe and make new friends.

When is MEU NL?

MEU NL starts the 8th of July at 15.00, the event ends with a closing party on the evening of the 12th, the 13th is reserved for travel back home.

What are the fees and what do they cover?

The €99 participation fee covers lunch and all materials on all days, furthermore it covers costs such as venue rental for the meetings, opening and closing ceremonies and the Eurofeast and all other costs we make in organising the event.

Accomodation can be arranged at a hostel in the center of The Hague. This costs €25 per night totalling in €125 for accomodation so €224 in total. We are aware this is quite expensive, althoug it is cheap for the The Hague in summer. AirBnB’s might be cheaper so you can look into renting one of those with a group of people as an alternative.

Is there a deposit?

No, mistakenly the “application guide” included some text about a deposit. This was incorrect, there is no deposit required.

Why The Hague?

The Hague is the administrative capital of the Netherlands, but is also the fourth UN city with multiple UN organisations, such as the UN International Court of Justice making it the ideal city for an event like this.

What is the deadline to apply?

The deadline to apply is the 28th of April so make sure you apply in time!

How can I travel to the Hague affordably?

Be creative if you’re looking for an indication of the price! You can fly to Schiphol, Rotterdam or Eindhoven and get the train from there and there are multiple international bus and train options. Flying to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol might very well not be the most attractive option during this time so try to look into multiple options. And it might be cheaper than you would expect.

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