MEU The Netherlands

Our first MEU will take place in July 2019. With the support of BETA networks across Europe, we aim to provide a fulfilling experience to all international and local participants who will take part in our first MEU The Netherlands. The main idea of a MEU is based on the “hands-on” experience. Participants aged from 18 to 30 years old will have the chance to experience how the European Union (EU) works, by taking on the role of an European representative (either a minister in the Council of the European Union or as an MEP the European Parliament), and thus have the chance to be actively involved discuss current proposal from the European Commission.

Although MEUs mainly focus on the EU’s policy making process, applicants of MEU simulations are not required to have a legal or Political Science background. Our dual purpose is to experimentally educate people from all academic fields, who are genuinely interested on how the decisions that affect us every day are made, and having different backgrounds represented will only help in creating a more interesting simulation.

At the end of our MEU, we aim for each participant to feel enriched by this 6-day experience, not only because the chances participants get to improve their public speaking skills and their understanding of how the EU works, but also because MEUs are always a great oppurtunity to make new friends from all over the EU.